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The sales tax rate for Centennial is 2.5 percent. The combined sales tax rate of 6.75 percent includes several jurisdiction and district taxes.

If you have questions about what sales taxes should be collected on sales to your customers, please contact... Read More

Sales tax returns are to be filed and payments are to be made no later than the 20th day of the month after each filing period unless the 20th day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday. In those cases, the return and payment are ... Read More

Each business that has a Retail Sales Tax License will have a filing period appropriate for the volume of Centennial sales tax collected. Some businesses might have a significant volume of sales for the State of Colorado to warrant filing the sales t... Read More

All operation “Engaged in Business” in the City is required to obtain a Retail Sales Tax License and collect and remit City sales taxes. This includes businesses that have a physical location inside the City and businesses located outside... Read More

The questions about NAICS, square footage of the business, type of business, etc. relate to the registration of the business and help the City by gathering information that assists the City’s planning and economic development efforts.

Since Sales Tax is a tax paid by the customer to the City and held in trust by the vendor/retail business, the information requested on the license application is required so that the City has the necessary information in the event the retailer does ... Read More

The City has contracted with a local bank to provide lockbox services. Lockbox services allow the City to focus on the recording of sales tax, customer service, audit services, and business registration management. A lockbox receives the license appl... Read More

Vendors may file the Sales Tax Return and pay sales tax collected to the City of Centennial through the City’s Web site. Payment of the Sales Tax is through an ACH (Automated Clearinghouse) payment from the vendor’s bank account. The on-l... Read More

The City has made the decision not to provide the ability for vendors to pay sales tax due with credit cards. The credit card companies require that the City pay a percentage of the sales tax to the merchant service provider for the ability to use cr... Read More

The City of Centennial does not have a General Use Tax. The City does have a Use Tax on Motor Vehicles and Construction and Building Materials.

Property taxes are levied by local governments on all privately owned real property regardless of use. The amount of the taxes levied are based on the assessed valuation of the property and the City’s mill levy. The tax is assessed by multiplyi... Read More

To pay in person go, to the Civic Center at 13133 E. Arapahoe Road and ask for the Sales Tax Department. You can also file online or mail to the Lockbox address – P.O. Box 17383, Denver, CO 80217-0383.

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